As a piano & life coach, Alise is gifted at developing in each student, unique expression, deep creativity & keen skill - all from the inside out. Her method is inspiring to the student. Gone is the mundane experience for the student to learn rote piano lessons. In its place, an artist is born.
— - DD Allen

MISSION: To build confidence, self-esteem and the core principles of success within children and youth, so that from an early age, they may embrace the power to believe in themselves and in their own self-worth, using music as a vehicle.

Educate - derived from the Latin word ‘educo’ - meaning to enduce,
to draw out, to develop from within

At the core of the “Inside Music Program”, is the message that within each and every student lies a genius - an amazing individual, capable of achieving anything they desire in their lives, by cultivating the ability to listen to and follow the whisper of their soul. Combined with the elements of Right Thought, (Learning “How to Think”, not “What to Think”), Attitude, Desire, Belief, Imagination and Persistence, they have the tools to succeed. Students come to understand that as musicians we do not play an instrument, just as the instrument does not play the music. It is the musician that uses the instrument as a tool of communication for their music to be expressed.  To learn more CLICK HERE

To read more about how the program came to be: The Inside Music Program Background