The highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their Divine Nature,
not entertainment.
— Pythagoras

" My Mission - to bring peace, joy, inspiration, love, healing and empowerment to millions worldwide through music."

British composer, songwriter, recording artist, & pianist Alise Ashby has been creating music since childhood, with melody being her love and forte.  

Alise began her musical career studying classical piano, finding early on that her passion was creating her own original music.  

Alise’s strength lies in her ability to create memorable melodies enhanced by poignant orchestrated harmonies that linger within one’s mind.  Whether it be a haunting melody for a soundtrack, an uplifting jazz/blues instrumental, a soothing piece that takes you deep within during meditation, relaxation and nurturing of the soul, or a song that leaves you humming the chorus, her overall arrangement and depth of emotion successfully communicates to the listener.


Alise studied music at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, England as well as in New York with a Juilliard Professor.

Her work has been featured in commercials, independent film, websites & corporate telecommunications.  


  • Television Commercials include:  BMW, Virgin Atlantic, FSA (Financial Security Assurance) & Ruff Hewn Clothing.

  • Corporate Telecommunications

  • Independent Film (Composed the score at age 16, presented at Cannes)

  • Album Releases: "Diamonds" (EP),  "Far & Beyond", "Moonlight in Vermont",  "Romance For The Soul",    

  • Author “The Orchestration Quick Reference Book For Musicians & Visual Artists”

Alise Ashby is a remarkably gifted composer. Her music symphonically enters the soul and exits the heart, freeing the mind to explore new ideas and dreams. Films, dialogue, scenes unfold in my mind allowing me to explore my innermost ideas and creative impulses. Her music is inspirational.
- Vinca Jarrett - Vinca Jarrett & Associates Entertainment Attorney