It all started when…

Award winning British born composer, songwriter, producer, pianist and music coach, Alise Ashby began writing music before her feet could touch the pedals of the piano.   Nicknamed the "melody master" by friends and fans, music is her passion and her purpose is serving others through its medium.  It’s all about the joy!

Being exposed to London’s West End musicals and the classic sounds of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Elton John, Queen, Sting, António Carlos Jobim, John Barry and Ennio Morricone to name a few, Alise’s strength lies in her ability to create music in a variety of genres. Whether it be a haunting melody for an orchestral/soundtrack, enhanced by poignant harmonies that linger in one’s mind; an uplifting jazz instrumental with a blues or latin flair; a soothing piece that takes you deep within during meditation, relaxation and nurturing of the soul, or a song that leaves you humming the chorus, her overall arrangement and depth of emotion successfully communicates to the listener.

Alise studied music at the Guildhall School of Music in London and privately with a Juilliard Professor in New York.

Her work has been featured in commercials, independent film, websites & corporate telecommunications, as well as live performances.  

Alise is grateful to say that thanks to the Internet, Satellite Radio and one person connecting with another, her music is rapidly reaching across borders and into the hearts of millions.

Alise has one grown daughter, Mariella, a creative entrepreneur, freelance artist, and founder and owner of Alleiram Studios.  Alise lives in New England with her partner, Manuel Jose Muros, an author and spiritual teacher. www.manueljosemuros.com.  They are twin flames united in love and the desire to bring more light and joy into our world.


Alise Ashby is a remarkably gifted composer. Her music symphonically enters the soul and exits the heart, freeing the mind to explore new ideas and dreams. Films, dialogue, scenes unfold in my mind allowing me to explore my innermost ideas and creative impulses. Her music is inspirational. Anyone who hasn’t experienced Alise Ashby’s work is missing out.
— Vinca Jarrett - Entertainment Attorney